today’s card: knight of pentacles
utility, serviceableness, interest, rectitude, responsibility

April 14 2014

today’s card: three of cups (reversed)
expedition, dispatch, achievement, end

today’s card: page of pentacles
application, study, scholarship, reflection. another reading says news, messages and the bringer thereof - also rule, management

today’s card: page of cups
fair young man, one impelled to render service and with whom the querent will be connected, a studious youth, news, message, application, reflection, meditation - also these things directed to business

today’s card: ace of pentacles
perfect, contentment, felicity, ecstasy - also speedy intelligence, gold 

week in review:
knight of swords
defence, opposition, resistance
wheel of fortune
six of pentacles (reversed)
envy, jealousy, illusion
knight of pentacles
interest, rectitude
three of wands
eight of pentacles
king of pentacles (reversed)
weakness, ugliness, corruption

April 05 2014

today’s card: six of cups
reflecting on childhood, happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past, things that have vanished. another reading reverses this, suggesting new relations, new environment, and new knowledge.

today’s card: king of pentacles (reversed)
vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, peril

today’s card: eight of pentacles
work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business

today’s card: three of wands
established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, discovery, commerce